Monday, 3 August 2015

Who said watching TV was a bad thing?

One of the most fun ways of improving your English is to start watching a series.
Here are just a few of the series that I've watched over the past few year, with links to their pages on IMDB. Some might be easier or more difficult than others, but they are all really good and I think you'll get hooked!
The nice thing about watching a series is that you can watch one episode every day or two (each episode is 45-50 minutes) and you will get used to the vocabulary and the accents that the characters have. For an extra challenge, you can watch the same episode again without subtitles.

There's no shame in watching with English subtitles - even I do it! It's the best way to help cement the new words and expressions you'll encounter in the show. 

I encourage my students in Ireland to subscribe to Netflix streaming. It's pretty cheap and I think it's really worth the money you pay, because you can get the series on demand, the quality is excellent, and there are subtitles. That's really important.

What series have you watched that you like? Leave a comment below so that other students can see your recommendations!


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